Using cutting edge technology I offer a full range of semi-permanent makeup including lips, eyebrows and eyeliner.


Whether you’re interested in sculpting your eyebrows or adding full lip colour, you will love the results. I will help you choose the right colour and will apply topical anaesthetics to minimize discomfort. If you’re looking to free yourself from daily make-up application or simply wishing to enhance your appearance, then you’re the perfect candidate for semi-permanent make-up.

  • Powder Technique (incl. top up) £270
  • Ombré Eyebrows (incl. top up) £270
  • Colour Refresher Procedure (12-18 months) £150*
  • Soft Lip Liner with Lip Blush (incl. top up) £270
  • Aquarelle Lip (incl. top up) £270
  • Colour Refresher (12-18 months) £150*
Eye Liner
  • Lash enhancement (discreet top eyeliner) £180
  • Thin top eyeliner (subtle definition for all day look) £200
  • Medium top eyeliner (instant impact for more defined eyes) £220
  • Shaded eyeliner (black thin base along the lash line, smoothly transformed into shadow effect) £270
  • Thin bottom eyeliner (on its own) £130
  • Bottom thin eyeliner (when done together with top eyeliner) £70